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Ranbir Mehra- Director, Jaquar Lighting, shares his tips on how to make your home look fresh

and decorate your home with the right accessories, designer ceilings and a lot more

The festive season is the perfect time to give your house a makeover. With the festive season around the corner, people are going into a frenzy cleaning up the place and coming up with innovative ways to decorate their homes. Lights add a positive vibe to the Diwali celebrations, in whichever way they are used. However, while choosing lights and lamps for the festive season, one should avoid going overboard and select options, based on the space and area of illumination. Here’s how to make your home look fresh and decorate your home with the right accessories, designer ceilings and a lot more- 

1.Nothing can beat the subtle beauty of a dainty string of fairy lights. One can twist and mould them into desired shape, pattern and watch your home illuminating beautifully. These lights may be reused for imminent Diwali decorations. Use soft yellow lights against the high-voltage LED bulbs and give your home an elegant yet environment friendly touch. 

2.Lanterns are a must on Diwali. Go for glass lanterns, or paint glass bottles with bright colors and place candles or LED lights inside the bottles. Hang all of them around your house and give a creative and vibrant look to your surroundings.  

3.Make your hallway look more magical in 15 minutes with multiple strands of fairy lights.

4.Wrap your dining room chandelier with a generous amount of fairy lights for an illuminating festive look.

5.If you have a barren white wall in need of some festive sparkle, try embellishing it with fairy lights, then hang family photos from the strand.

6.Floral rangolis combined with lights add a welcoming feel to the house and guests. Floating candles and flower arrangements on the dining table, entrance and puja room makes for a striking decoration element.  You may combine the flowers with an arrangement of LED diyas, to add a twinkling effect to the home.  

7.Pendant lights are the perfect addition to any area of the home. Not only do they provide task lighting, but they also continue the style of the space. Use stainless steel shades for a sleek contemporary look or colorful ones for an eclectic style.

8.Look for unique fixtures to draw attention and add grace to the area. If something feels incomplete, even after you've decorated, chances are your lighting situation is to blame. Replacing a standard frosted glass pendant light or a boring brass chandelier with something unique and tailored for your style will pull together all the elements of a room and highlight the architecture of a home. 

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