Just Module it: Truly Modern Kitchens, Experience True Customization

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Ridhvika Chawla, Director, Hacker India Ridhvika Chawla, Director, Hacker India

The key business strength of Hacker Kitchen German Made lies in its production capacity. We have the ability to produce over 800 kitchens every 8 hours every day, showcasing truly Modern-Modular Kitchens!

Describe your brand’s key philosophy of – ‘Modern fitted Modular Kitchen”. Tell us about your wide range of different options in material surface, colors and styles in brief?

Basically, our brand philosophy is- ‘Modern Fitted Modular Kitchens’, representing our truly modern theme in every sense with hundred percent customization, like the fronts are changeable and the drawers and hinges are all detachable. As far as the material finishes are concerned, we have an availability of over 163 colors’ finish options. They start from laminate, lacquer, linux, hydrox and mat options to very interesting options like real stone and real concrete premium range colors. We build them exclusively for Hacker and try to give a new feel to the kitchen.

Explain about the sound planning, designing, innovations and driving technologies you have come up in your recent successful products and services?

The brand ‘Hackers’ in India is known for its after sales service. We make the right connection and understanding with the clients and know about their requirements and then start planning the kitchen accordingly. For this, all our designers are trained from Germany with a specific design software for the 3D designing layouts of the kitchen, enhancing customization options for the customer.

As far as the planning is concerned, there are many customization and units’ options for the clients. In new innovations’ slot, the minimal use of formaldehyde is our latest innovation and this is in addition to our already existing environmental friendly production in Germany. There is also a new tool launched called-‘Pure-Resist’. It is a water protection system by which any kind of humidity and temperature can be controlled where the kitchen is placed as it never detaches the edges from the fronts.

Share with us your business growth potential in the coming five years. Throw a brief light on your global exports and the competency your hold in the world arena?

We have more than 13 showrooms across India. Now we are focusing on Tier-2 cities. We will be concentrating on opening our showroom in Raipur, Lucknow in the coming couple of years as a part of growth plans in India. As far as our global level growth is concerned, we have crossed a turnover of half a billion Euros for 2016. The strength lies in our production capacity. From the single manufacturing facility that we have in Germany and which is nowhere else to the items that are exported the very same day is where our key business strength lies.

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