The Growth Journey: Metrika

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Vasant Vasudeo Vasant Vasudeo

Vasant Vsaudeo, MD& CEO, Metrika Futuristic Modular Solutions

BRIEF DETAIL ABOUT Your Journey with Metrika?
Metrika has established seven years ago, my journey in the Kitchen industry is more than 15 year ago.
I started a company 15 year ago where we were in retailing of kitchens. We were associated with some international brands from Germany and we were doing limited high-end retail kitchens out of Mumbai. The reasons of restructuring earlier business, I started my brand of my own Metrika.

Q: Some Points on Establishment of Metrika?
 In this span of seven years we have established three showrooms in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad have factory located in Vasai and ample number of projects. The initial phase of metrika was completely focused on project business and through project we reached the position of market dominance. Especially the markets of Mumbai and Pune in the project verTicle.The intila stage of our journey till five years, in Mumbai 60 – 65% project market and in Pune 70-75 % of project market.

Q : How do you believe in setting the right tone?
Once the initial base of the company was created, we went to strong restructuring and re organizing our self to set up a new focused independently vertical which is the retail which makes us empty lot of internal change in a way people operated the processes within the organization to make a strong presence in the retail business. We are one-and-a-half-year-old into the restructuring and the process is going on. We have established three successful running stores and our fairly well penetrated to retail business, our product positioning is niche where we focus on international design and Indian durability.
The USP of metrika is no compromising on design parameter adapted to suit the Indian style of usage of kitchen but adapted to suit Indian style of usage in kitchen.
Q : Global Factory and Alliances?
In the process of taking the organization further, we are having technical collaboration with some of our international partners from Italy and Germany. Italy for the design and the aesthetical element and Germany for the product engineering element to make the product extremely durable for our consumers.

Q : Restructuring the Organization?
We are on a mission to make metrika very strong and noticeable brand in the retail space we are on are way of opening many more showrooms in the key market of the country. Therefore today we have two clear focus verticals: Project Vertical where we are already set up and the new retail vertical which we are working very strongly to take it to a new heights.

Q : Sealing the business?
We started the business from a very small number of employees, today we have different cubical for employees taking up their different tasks. As I mentioned earlier the initial phase was more focused on project and after gaining the success in project, we started growing our business in more organized and structured manner, opening up more structured operation within our self, taking key people at different positions within our organization. To run the organization as professional as possible.

Q: Key Strategy?
The change has to be in my own mind set, operating it from very small, owner driven operation to a more running organization operated my professional managers, that was biggest challenge within myself that I have to go through, once breakthrough my mindset, the things started falling on place and hence the organization started growing over the period of time.

The mindset of the key people of your organization are in sync with your mindset things starts falling in place faster, issues become lesser and u start growing in a strong synergies manner towards achieving your goal.                                       

Q : Your Typical Day?
I start my day very early, my usual morning routine includes workout, breakfast and heading to office early. Works keeps me busy evening our, once I go home I just like to be with my family and friends.

Q: Your Favorite Book?
The Alchemist

Q : One childhood memory that has remained a lesson ?
There is no particular incident but so many short incident that have influence the perspective, it was ongoing process which help to build my value system and prepare me to handle the different situation in life on personal basis as well as professional basis.

Q : The best advice ever received ?
The advice e is whatever task assure to ,do it with sincerity and give your best, not bothering of short terms gain, I strongly work on the philosophy of far strategy  and not on fast strategy.

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