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 Naveen George Joseph

Incepted in 2011, de Square is a multi-disciplinary young firm, of enthusiastic, committed professionals willing to experiment and innovate.

 At de Square, we believe that architecture is not just the built space. In fact, the integration of the built and the unbuilt spaces forms the crux of our design. We work based on the context, whether it is the clients’ needs or the siterequirements.Not even a single tree is cut; we make it part of the design instead, as in our projects “Residence for Talwar”. The right balance needs to be struck between the built and the unbuilt spaces. For example, in Dawn’s residence, in spite of a 60x40 site, there is a garden at every level including the basement. Our designs are often literally nature-centric. Light and shadows play a crucial role in defining a space or a form. (Kulkarni House)The sun plays a major role, with our designs oriented not only to absorb the sunlight but also to play with its movements.                                      

 Q: Architecture in the next decade

   Sustainable architecture is the future. These days even the clients are quite aware that we need to be sustainable.

     For us, sustainability takes the centre stage at the design phase. Whether it is the light coming in, or the ventilation, or shutting out the heat, we make sure our designs are as sustainable as possible. In Kulkarni House, you will see that in spite of the deck facing west(as the view is to the west), no direct sunlight reaches the deck.

Q: Architectural role model and inspiration

  There are quite a few like Alvar Aalto and Renzo Piano but if you ask me to just pick one, then I am forced to say frank Lloyd Wright and especially falling waters, Robies house and Taliesin in particular.                             

Q: Journey so far and the road ahead.

“Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.”

                                                Emma Chase

The journey so far has been wonderful. There have always been ups and the downs, but I am living my dream.               

I believe that if you love what you do, and are sincere in how you do it, success is definitely yours.  And so far it has been really great.


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