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Nitin Vaze Nitin Vaze

“Our products should grow at least @ 20% compounded every year” - Nitin Vaze, CEO of Sleek Boards Marketing Services LLP

Q: Being a one-stop solution of Particle Boards, Tubular Particle Boards, how do you see the market for your products?
NV: There is a tremendous potential for growth for engineered door and furniture components.
India has been adding 20 lakh homes every year and the growth will increase with the implementation of Housing for all by 2022 program of Government of India.
The Indian construction methods and technologies have undergone rapid changes in the last decade and the buyers accept newer material usages. We estimate that our products should grow at least at the rate of 20% compounded every year.

“The Indian construction methods and technologies have undergone rapid changes in the last decade and the buyers accept newer material usages”

Q: Give us brief about company’s foreign collaboration with Sauerland Spanplatte?
NV: Sleek Boards has been representing Sauerland Spanplatte in India and various ASEAN Countries since 2010.
We enjoy a successful partnership with Sauerland Spanplatte as we share common principles and goals of providing eco friendly, cost effective products coupled with numerous additional benefits to the Door industry.
Indian Door Industry has been very primitive in using timer batons and wood scrap as a Door infill; such production methods have been discarded by other developing countries couple of decades back.
In filling 1 crore door requirement by timber batons it consumes 12 lakh trees every year. Surely there are better things to do with timber than waste it by using it as a door infill.
The engineered infill products of German origin provides many value additions like:

  1. High Impact Resistance: A Door with Sauerland Tubular Infill Core can withstand an impact upto 20 kgs/cm2.
  2. High Mechanical Strength: The door withstands the daily abuses of kicks and pushes.
  3. Light Weight without compromising on the Strength and Impact Resistance properties. It is needless to worry about door weight as the thief always breaks the lock.
  4. Precise: The Sauerland Tubular Infill Core has a Precise Thickness with a Maximum variation of 0.1mm making it ideal for all kinds of Door finishes including lacquer or High Pressure Laminates without any shadows or telegraphing.      
  5. No Warpage in Doors made with Sauerland Tubular Infill Core, making the Doors stand straight in any climatic conditions.
  6. Good Screw Holding ability required for installation of Hooks and nameplates.
  7. Fire Resistant Properties: The Technology used in making Sauerland Tubular Infill Core make the Doors using this Infill gives a low rate of burning and providing better fire resistance than their Alternatives.
  8. Sound Reduction: Sound Reduction of 27dBs as compared to a Timber baton filed Door that gives a mere 23dBs Sound reduction. For every 3dBs the sound is reduced by half.
  9. Besides performance you will be supporting an Ecofriendly Product.

 Q: What are the norms and Standards Company ensures at the time of product manufacturing?
NV: Sauerland Spanplatte Gmbh supplies to 78 countries and has been catering to door industries for more than 65 years. The philosophy of the company makes sure that very strict norms are followed for Quality Assurance.
We bank on the proven fact that we deliver what we promise.
Our products pass all the applicable EN Standards and are E1 grade - formaldehyde emission level; also we source PEFC certified raw material for the production of our particle boards in both the plants and also can source FSC certified raw material if requested by the customer’s factories.
Q: What measure do you take to attain customer retention?
NV: Besides providing a cost effective product, we provide Just-In-Time deliveries and an ongoing support to all our customers for technical upgradation of their products. We have a full-fledged R&D service center, which provides support by Fire tests, Acoustic tests, Climatic variation tests etc. absolutely free of cost to our customers.

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