5 Gaffes to avoid when replacing the window

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Mario Schmidt Mario Schmidt

 Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Door Technologies Pvt Ltd.

The windows of your home may need a replacement over a period of time especially if you initially did not install a superior brand window. Watch out for some of these signs or clues to know your window needs a replacement.

Low performance: If you observe some cracks and damage that allows the drafts and air leakage then surely you will need to replace the window. Difficulty in opening or closing the window can be another reason your windows need to be replaced.

Weak Frames: If you think a damaged frame is hardly any reason for replacing a window then remember you are inviting insects, water, air to get in which will not be a pleasant thing for the inmates.

Higher cost in Electricity bills:  If you are paying huge electricity bill at the end of the month then sure the window could be the culprit. There could be a leakage that needs urgent fixing.

Is your window old? If you had installed a reputed company window then it would have lasted you at least 3 decades and would provide you with a good service period. But an interior quality window may start losing its charm before its time, hence replacing the windows may be essential.

5 Mistakes to avoid:

The Price Factor
Price could be a major factor in influencing your decision. Many times we get what we pay for and we don’t realize we are making the wrong decision. You may pay less for the window but remember you may also get an inferior quality product in your home.

Are you replacing the old window with the same type of window again?
This is a grave mistake one should avoid. The window you had earlier did not live it complete lifespan and if you are planning to pick the same one again is like burning your money. With advancement in technologies, you must look for a window company that follows the norms of design, quality, warranty plus has features like energy saving, reduced maintenance and aesthetic sense.
Look for the following features:
•         Your window is UWDMA Certified
•         Gives guarantees
•         Assure after sales service
•         Has Low –E coated glass windows
•         Opt for a tilt and turn window and it is easy to clean.
Do not overlook Aesthetics:
We get so worried about saving money that we care little if the window we are installing is adding to the beauty of the home or not. You can opt for a uPVC window it looks beautiful and is also available in different colours which gives it a natural wooden impression.  You can also opt for different kinds of glazing which will have a great impact on the beauty.
Security for your home
The doors and windows should be strong to withstand nature’s fury. Also, the door should have a multi-locking system.  The windows should let natural light to enter in. The handles and security lock should be strong so no vandals or thieves can enter in. Ensure you install strong glasses so the glass cannot be broken easily.
Do not fix the window yourself!
Window companies have experts who know exactly how to fix a window. Doing it yourself can be a big mistake. Windows experts can help to fix the window accurately and also tell you which window you should install. You may also risk the lifespan of your window if you try to install or fix it yourself. Unless you are an expert don’t try your hand at it.

You must research enough before you think of replacing the window. Consider to contact the right window company that gives you guarantee, helps reduce bills, and provides you with an after sales service.

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