Shweta Deshmukh & Associates (SDA)

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Shweta Deshmukh Shweta Deshmukh

Shweta Deshmukh

Introduce your firm
Shweta Deshmukh & Associates was established in February 2010. SDA predominantly works on Weekend Homes projects. Bhimashankar Hills, La-Ira, Astral Village, Sibermond Residences, Multiplex & mall at Pondicherry, farm houses, Bungalows, Villa projects including one Green House of 5000sft at Pondicherry are among the few to mention. Along with architecture SDA also takes up a variety of residential & commercial interior works. Having worked on pre-engineered construction system at Sterling as a senior architect, I have a well acquired knowledge  in pre-engineered system which is reflected  in some of my designs. SDA strives to use green practises in innovative ways keeping in mind the requirements of every project My latest work Zoomstart India -A Bohemian Co-working Space was designed and executed with green practises.

Your journey so far?
I am a seeker and not a believer. My journey in architecture has been very enriching. I have evolved as an Architect and also a human being and the process is still on! Born and bought up in Nagpur, then started my career in Pune and finally established SDA in Navi Mumbai after gaining experience at few firms. I am a spiritual person and love to flow with the flow of life. Architecture to me is like a meditation. The essence of architecture is something that should relate to the human consciousness. In addition to that a deep sense of material palette and details in a design inspires me.

Which kind of projects challenges you? What is your dream project?
Whenever I am told“ do what you want and just give back a very creative space”, then it challenges me a lot. I put in all my creative efforts to make it my best. I never thought of it so far but now i feel I would really love to design a performing art centre someday amidst a nature surrounding. With every project I intend to learn something new, the continuous process of learning is always something that challenges me.

Where do you see the architectural industry trends going in the next decade?
There is an exponential growth of Retail e-commerce in India. There is a strong wave of buying online furniture from online furniture e-commerce portals . These customers are young, tech savvy and they wish to do their décor themselves and with ease & speed.
Traditionally, architecture sector is a ‘service’ based sector providing an offline service. This, I strongly feel, need to change in current dynamic digital environment. We need to shift to ‘Product’ based sector from existing ‘Service’ based sector. We need to come up with innovative online Products for service industry.
In this regard, we have taken a small step and have come up with a new ‘ Online Interior & Architecture product’ – DeZinebox ( This innovative product will bring a 360 degree change in both interior & architecture market. This online product provides e-design, estimate, guided road map & online shopping list and will empower customers with the execution capabilities. DeZineBox will be bring a much required depth and width in the current market. We are quite optimistic on this product of ours.

Your architectural role model?
Nature is my role model. I admire works of all those who are inspired by nature. I follow the works of Frank Lloyd Right, Laurie Baker, Geoffrey Bawa. I am motivated by their simple yet meticulous ways of bringing in nature into the built form.

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