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Ar. Sharik Supariwala Ar. Sharik Supariwala

Sharik Supariwala

Designopedia was founded on the belief that design has the power to transform lives - for our clients, our culture, and our communities. By gaining a holistic view of our clients' vision, needs, and context, and adding creativity and innovation, our work addresses complex problems. We transform our clients' businesses and missions, helping to make them leaders in their fields. Built environments should reflect context, history, cultures, communities, and the natural environment while incorporating advances in technology. A deep dedication to sustainability and social responsibility is fundamental to our outlook, work, and culture. We are committed to creating regenerative designs which heal their environments and enhance the quality of life. Each of our projects represents our commitment not only to the individual client, but also to elevating the state of the art for the design professions and improving society for future generations.

Your journey so far?
A – The Journey for me to bring up Designopedia so far has given me a lot of twists & turns to keep moving forward with , but one thing has always been stuck in my mind is that “You need to experience failure in life. Only then, you will know the value of success and relish it.” Looking back on my journey so far, I realize that I wouldn’t change my choices. The building blocks (pun intended) of architecture & sketched to design Exterior & Interiors in my free time have always been a part of me as a hobby. Professionally for me every challenge was different and required a different approach to solve.

Q) Which kind of projects challenges you? What is your dream project?
A- The best part about being me and my firm is that we love working for Projects that challenges us. Each client has different needs and their projects require unique solutions. Part of the design process, whether residential or commercial, is learning about the client. To solve their unique issues, we must understand their personality and how they want to use spaces. It’s the challenge of fitting that round peg into the square hole that drives me. But when you see your client enter their space for the first time and watch the smile on their faces, it’s all worth it. Talking about my Dream Project is designing a New Generation Conventional Centres, wanting to break the stereotype of the typical standards of designing such commercial Spaces.

Q) Where do you see the architectural industry trends in the next decade?
A- With the explosion of the Internet, the accessibility of education online, and with the connectivity of cultures: the one thing we have already seen is the immediacy of information and the ability to do extraordinary things in areas of the world, where 20–30 years ago it wasn’t possible to gain access to an education. You don’t need a MOOC to Google, so self-education, do-it-yourself, make-it-yourself, the Fab-Lab movement, all of these are instruments of self-empowerment , they will not only democratize knowledge, but they will ease the way in which we all have access to design. This makes the role of the architects and Interior Designers even more important because it demonstrates to you how difficult it is to do an integrated and well-synthesized building. This is may be where a complex architectural construct differs from a mere icon. Managing the information around architecture, while focusing on the discipline are two different things, but with the infinite wealth of material on the web, it is becoming increasingly important to develop a critical sense of curatorial discernment on the one hand, but also a decisive sense of what projects matter…

Q) Your architectural role model?
A- From common residential houses to commercial towers most of us look up to iconic buildings and structures built hundreds or even thousands of years ago, architecture surrounds us every single day. Exclusive works from Antoni Gaudí and Frank Lloyd Wright to Oscar Niemeyer and Norman Foster, I am Inspired by Modern Architects Whose Works Are Truly Inspiring .German architect Frei Otto is one of the Architects who I follow , the reason is the design and detail -lightweight structure . Other Architects who inspire me the most , to name a few are Cesar Pelli , Santiago Calatrava , Jorn Utzon , Jeanne Gang & Antoni Gaudi.

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